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Conference Workshops & Services

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Event Emcee

Every event needs a master of ceremonies to help guide the show, keep the attendees engaged between speakers & performances, and to weave a cohesive journey for the audience as related to the event theme.  

Responsibilities include

  • Introducing acts

  • Conveying logistical information

  • Facilitating panels

  • Leading ‘Crowd Exciter’ breaks

Audience Workshops

Even at the best conferences, attendee energy dissipates and their attention wanes as the day progresses. To combat that, these audience workshops help shake things up from right where they sit. These custom workshops built around the event theme can fill small or large time slots.

Workshops include

  • Individual Attendee Networking 

  • Group Problem-solving

  • Thematic Audience Competitions

  • Internalize Conference Content 

  • Crowd Source Ideas & Feedback 

  • Interactive Dance Breaks  

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Social Events

At the end of a long day at a productive conference, all of the attendees want to kick back and have some fun. Each social engagement is crafted to relax attendees, encourage playfulness and foster great connections using games, activities and dance.

Party elements can include

  • Individual interactions

  • Group competitions

  • Coordinated crowd dances

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