Workshops that use activities, stories and dance to help employees enjoy learning content
"The world really needs more things like this... 
...I really loved this version of a class because it was very different in concept from other classes that I’ve taken...Nikhil really loves what he does and it shows. He is a great instructor and provides a safe space for people to relax, let loose, have fun, and be free from judgement or issues in their lives for a moment in time- overall it was such a great experience!"
 - Sheena
Marketing Manger 



Complacent Team

Growing teams & companies have challenges



Chaotic Team

Few of our clients

The A Team

An immersive workshop that explores the fundamentals of building a high performance team and applies the lessons using role-playing activities with an emphasis on Mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Talk Like Lincoln

As one of the most empathetic leaders, this workshop draws on President Lincoln's examples and emotional intelligence research to help you recognize and harness this language of communication in your daily conversations.

Do or Die Product

 A hands-on workshop that teaches you the framework through which one can take a product idea from scratch and quickly vet it to see if there's product market fit, using real-world startup case studies.

I help high growth teams and companies overcome their cultural, communication and collaboration challenges to increase their retention and performance

Some of my offerings

Alchemy of a Team

A program that teaches the fundamentals of an effective team and builds it from the ground up by focusing on understanding their emotional intelligence, developing their team dynamics, articulating their team philosophy and problem solving their bottlenecks 

Employee Engagement Party

 A workshop masked as a dance party that focuses on getting employees and leaders from different teams to get to know each other, engage in raucous activities and create some exhilarating memories as they dance the night away

Corporate Retreat

A day long retreat that immerses employees in an agenda of games, activities and meaningful conversations to help create a wonderful bonding experience between all your teammates. This is structured to first build individual relationships, then develop group cohesion and finally, unite as a community

Tired of the same old training workshops?
We can build custom workshops for your learning development content 
We inject our secret sauce of movement, mindfulness and music to your workshops
And make your content exciting and engaging

"...Help[ed] us define our mission and brainstorm new opportunities. It evoked powerful stories about the work we do and introduced us to a decision framework that we'll be using for our strategy decisions. Even though it was remote, my team and I felt much more closer to each other through the activities he led. We really enjoyed the entire experience and got some tangible takeaways."


Aneri Shah,



" engaging, interactive workshop for our new young professionals... and was so impressed with his ideas and energy. Nikhil does a great job with truly connecting people through his work, and making attendees feel comfortable. I look forward to the next workshop!"


Mackenzie LeBert,

Director of Operations, 


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