Nikhil Paul

I make magic happen in crowds

An emcee, a workshop leader & a dance teacher who energizes guests and creates opportunities for connection

"Attending conferences, sitting still and listening can be very draining! At our conference, Nikhil's dance break was the perfect mid-day break to get everyone's energy up. From young to old, everyone was getting their move on. I would highly recommend Nikhil's services ..."


                                             - Ian So,

                                               Founder, ACE NextGen Conference

My fun formula is simple

Keep the audience engaged at every moment

Plan for everything, even the mishaps

Inject humor & audience interaction to keep up the energy

 I also throw in cultural dance breaks 

 I get your attendees, your grandmother and   even your boring accountant to have a good time 

I leave your guests energized,   smiling and laughing together 

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