Work Anger

Recently, I felt very hurt when a colleague at work made some disparaging statements against me. At the time, I smiled and laughed it off with others at work but as the day progressed, I noticed that I was becoming more and more upset. By the time I got home, I soon found myself in thrall to rage and I could not be pacified. It took a full weekend, that included a bout of Mindfulness meditation/reflection and a long chat with my brother, to wrap my head around it.

You see, although I usually laugh off sardonic comments, this one struck a nerve and at that moment I felt small and insignificant. Not just because of what they said but of the pattern of me allowing them to get away with saying things like that without any consequences. That feeling of being made victim to my non-confrontational nature was what was really stoking my fire. I felt pathetic. There was only one option. I needed to confront this awfully uncomfortable situation without malice or else I would hate myself.

So with much trepidation and after incessant deliberation, I wrote them a strong but respectful email stating that it wasn't right what they said to me and I needed to talk to them. Expecting the worst, I waited. But to my utter surprise, they responded quickly and were highly apologetic. In fact, after we met the next day to talk it out, I felt like a million bucks. It almost felt like I was released from jail. Not only did I break free from the shackles of my self imposed fear, I was so proud that I stood up for myself and earned back my self respect.

So in lieu of that, here's a quick high octane dance I created for moments when you're feeling powerless and furious.

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