Learn your lessons the fun way

When leading my signature team-building workshop "Build Your Tribe" at SalesForce last week, I tried to create a fun environment that was intentional every step of the way. All of the group's movement, music and interaction reinforced the concepts I taught. The physiological and social games/activities built into the two hour workshop is done for 2 reasons. First, it helps break the monotony and makes students forget that they're learning. It's hard to be bored when you constantly find yourself imagining, creating, competing, dancing and laughing alongside your coworkers. Second I'm embedding emotional memories and social attachments to the various lessons I teach. Strong positive emotions associated with people are known to provide important contextual memory prompts. My hope is that the next time, one of them sees their coworker, they'll first remember the fun mutual experience they shared together and then recall the lesson associated with that joyful memory. Remember, for every meaningful lesson out there, there's an equally immersive and raucous way to teach it.

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