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"I'm so thankful we brought Nikhil in to work with our team... an incredible way for us improve team cohesiveness... during COVID-19... it exposed vulnerabilities in our organization we wouldn't have seen had we not had [Nikhil] delicately and deeply engage our team... the results proved that out"



Jonathan Jacobs, Partner,

Digital Natives Group

Some of my offerings

Diversify your

Brainstorm and launch new revenue ideas in an effective and cohesive manner

The High

Learn and practice the art of a high performance remote team from the ground up

The Online

Relax, laugh and connect with your colleagues in a playful online and offline experience

Digital Destiny

Performance Team


"The world really needs more things like this... 
...I really loved this... because it was very different in concept from other classes that I’ve taken...Nikhil really loves what he does and it shows. He is a great instructor and provides a safe space for people to relax, let loose, have fun, and be free from judgement or issues in their lives for a moment in time- overall it was such a great experience!"
 - Sheena
Marketing Manger 

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