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Nikhil Paul

Nikhil is a crowd engagement expert who helps build positive cultures at companies and conferences through fun interactive workshops and audience experiences. 


Previously, he led an employee engagement software startup that was used in companies all over the world. Working closely with clients and the organizational psychology experts, he became intimately familiar with the underpinnings of what motivated people. 

Nikhil has also been hosting and entertaining audiences at conferences, weddings and workshops at companies like AIG and Walmart for over a decade. Nikhil founded We R Human with the vision to help build happy, wiser emotionally intelligent communities.

"Sometimes I lose faith in humanity.

Yet I keep finding hope in an unlikely part of my life: when I get people to dance. Having emceed various events and led dances for over a decade, I have learned something fascinating. No matter what pretenses people have, once I get them to dance or laugh, they forget themselves and connect to their inner child.

In those moments, I truly see that person on the inside, their soul baring it's vulnerability and strength. I can empathize with their life story and it's the most sublime feeling.

So in the past year, I started We R Human to find and recreate more of these moments of connection. And much like our ancestors did, I'm discovering that the answer to much of humanity's malaise lies in sustainable communities that play, reflect, dance and learn together.

My mission now is to bring people together one dance step at a time. Won't you join me?"