Workshops for Covid Times

Engaging workshops to build high performance teams and happier cultures

The Online Outdoors Retreat

A fun-filled online experience with an outdoor part. We help build connection, inspire group cohesion, and create laugh out loud moments using dance, games, activities and scavenger hunts. Relax, play and bond with co-workers.

At times of change, teams need a framework for brainstorming and testing new revenue strategies. Learn how the best ideas come from knowing a group's mission, embracing their strengths and reinforcing team dynamics.

Diversify Your Digital Destiny

Supercharge Your Team

To hit ambitious growth goals, teams need the right mix of mindset, habits and systems put in place. Implement the blueprint for high performance teams in a high pressure environment.

Companies are taking heavy losses but crises are the perfect opportunity for teams to rediscover their purpose, practice resilience and rebuild a cohesive strategy. Be inspired by true stories of business comebacks.

Be the Rocky Balboa of Business

The Networking Luncheon

An interactive lunch workshop guiding employees on how to have meaningful conversations with each other, sparking relationships with their coworkers and building a community for themselves.

The Art of a Remote Team

Learn how a remote team can communicate with more empathy, prioritize with ruthless efficiency and execute with thoroughness. Optimize your virtual operations to get more done, better and faster.

"...Help[ed] us define our mission and brainstorm new opportunities. It evoked powerful stories about the work we do and introduced us to a decision framework that we'll be using for our strategy decisions. Even though it was remote, my team and I felt much more closer to each other through the activities he led. We really enjoyed the entire experience and got some tangible takeaways."


Aneri Shah,



" engaging, interactive workshop for our new young professionals... and was so impressed with his ideas and energy. Nikhil does a great job with truly connecting people through his work, and making attendees feel comfortable. I look forward to the next workshop!"


Mackenzie LeBert,

Director of Operations, 


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