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Diversify your Digital Destiny

To get new revenue building & cost cutting ideas, it is critical that Sales, Marketing & Product members all work seamlessly together. That requires shedding old beliefs & habits of departmental loyalty, connecting across the aisle with courage & empathy, and brainstorming strategies as a unified front.

Aneri Shah,

CEO, Sightworthy


"...Helped us define our mission and brainstorm new opportunities. It evoked powerful stories about the work we do and introduced us to a decision framework that we'll be using for our strategy decisions. Even though it was remote, my team and I felt much more closer to each other through the activities he led. We really enjoyed the entire experience and got some tangible takeaways."

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The Dream Team Program

For teams that have hit a wall, this coaching program uses diagnostics, workshops, 1:1 coaching and conflict resolution sessions to help the team overcome it's toughest internal challenges, build a gameplan that excites everyone and inculcate a results focused execution methodology. 

Jennifer Barnes,
CEO, Optima Office


"Nikhil helped us facilitate discussions while also guiding us to the science behind why people do and say certain things. His workshop was helpful to bring important conversation to the surface and allowed us to be honest with our management team about areas that they need to improve. We are a work in progress and this workshop made us feel normal. Nikhil has a warm personality and adds humor to his workshops, which was appreciated by all." 

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Refresh and Relaunch

The beginning of a new year is an opportunity for your team to reset, reconnect with each other and recalibrate their agenda with clarity. By fine-tuning the team's purpose, practicing strong group dynamics and honing their execution style, they will confidently tackle their loftiest goals together.

Courtney Loomis,

Director of Employee Events, Salesforce


"His training helped us become a more transparent, tight-knit, and effective team. As a result of his workshop, we created a Culture Covenant to highlight the behaviors we encourage and discourage on our team, which now lives at the top of our team meeting agenda as a reminder of these behaviors. I highly recommend Nikhil's workshop for teams looking for priority setting and team building support."

Crack in Wall

The Online Outdoors Retreat

A fun-filled online experience with an outdoor part. We help build connection, inspire group cohesion, and create laugh out loud moments using dance, games, activities and scavenger hunts. Relax, play and bond with co-workers.

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An interactive lunch workshop guiding employees on how to have meaningful conversations with each other, sparking relationships with their coworkers and building a community for themselves.

The Networking Luncheon


Companies are taking heavy losses but crises are the perfect opportunity for teams to rediscover their purpose, practice resilience and rebuild a cohesive strategy. Be inspired by true stories of business comebacks.

The Rocky Business